Genki 2019

Genki 2019

Genki is an animanga convention taking place in Denmark. For Genki 2019, we're moving from Farum to Copenhagen!
Events are predominantly in Danish, with some events in English taking place as well!

Genki's an Asian culture convention, focusing mainly on Japanese culture, taking place in Copenhagen, Denmark!

Genki 2019 will have several events running, day and night, for you to participate in! We have events and panels of various kinds for you to expand your mind; a cosplay show for your viewing entertainment; a game room to get your game face on; a dealer hall and artist alley that'll make your wallet cry; and much much more.

So join us in having a weekend of great fun at Genki!

Ticket info!

We have two types of special tickets available under specific circumstances

  1. If you have a disability and are in need of a disability aid, they can get access to the convention for free via the Disability Aid ticket. The duration of their ticket will be the same as yours.

    Please note that Genki doesn't provide the aid and that they MUST have proper documentation.

  2. Any adult (18 years or older) can bring 1 of their siblings or children for free, if they are under 13 years of age, while additional children will be discounted 50%.

    For the first child, select the Child 1 ticket, and for additional children, select the Child 2+ tickets. These must be paid for, when you arrive at Genki, at the main check-in point!


If you have any questions, please refer to the FAQ on our website or write us directly on or on our Facebook page.

If you questions concern a refund or missing ticket, please contact BilletExpressen directly on


Velkommen til Vikingernes Verden. Vikingemarkedet er åbent fra klokken 10.00.

En morders ransagelser. Espen vokser op i Jante – den lille danske provinsby,…

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